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  • ALL NATURAL100% Specially Selected Australian Wheat
  • THERAPEUTICRelief of Muscular Pain and Joint Aches
  • EFFECTIVEPowerful Pain Relief
  • AVOID MEDICATIONSDrug-Free Relief of Period Pain
  • TGA APPROVEDDesigned by Health Care Professionals

The Story behind the Hotty Pack

The Hotty Pack story has its origin in the remote wheat belt country areas of Western Australia. It’s the innovation brainchild of Rhonda Cooper, the quintessential country girl who grew up during the 1950’s on the remote wheat plains, over 300 kilometres from the nearest city! Rhonda grew up being taught all the forgotten skills common to those times in grass roots country Australia – running the family farm, country cooking, sewing, and above all, being creative with restricted resources.


As she married and had children of her own, Rhonda moved closer to the bigger cities, and only visited her home farm to see her parents, and show her own children their country roots. During some of these visits in the 1980’s Rhonda noticed her father was developing further deteriorating arthritis from years of hard labour working in the harsh Australian outback. Being so far from the nearest doctor, she noticed that her father was receiving little to no treatment for the arthritic pain.


After speaking with other tough Australian farming friends also suffering arthritic complaints, Rhonda was told about the unique pain relieving qualities – available in abundance all around them – and no doctor was required….. WHEAT!


Using all those skills learnt during her farming years, Rhonda manufactured the very first version of The Hotty Pack in her own house, especially for the farmers suffering arthritis. Over many years of development, trialling various materials, speaking with government agencies and university scientists, Rhonda intensely researched the pain relieving qualities of one particular grain of Australian wheat, and managed to develop the first professionally manufactured Hotty Pack.


Each Hotty Pack is now a balance of the correct choice of material, a specially selected unique grain of Australian Wheat, and expert Australian manufacturing. Thousands of patients have now experienced the unique pain delivery system of The Original Hotty Pack, for the treatment of chronic back pain, period pain, arthritis, sports injuries – the list goes on!


Today, 17 years after the first Hotty Pack was sold in Western Australia, qualified health practitioners are now employed to help further development and extol the virtues of this great Australian product.