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Instant Ice Packs

$7.95 (AUD)

Instant Ice Packs – Duo Pack

The take anywhere, use any time Icy Pack – no freezer necessary! Inside each Instant Icy Pack are two carefully formulated ingredients – one solid granules, and the other liquid in a pouch. Simply shake the granules of the pack to the bottom of the pouch, squeeze down or strike to ‘pop’ the inner fluid bag, then shake…. for INSTANT, Icy Cold therapy. As the two ingredients mix watch the pack turn instantly Icy Cold!

Instant Ice Packs for schools, workplaces, home use and for travel.

  • Instant Ice Packs. No Freezer Needed!
  • Ice Packs ideal for travel and first aid kits
  • Instant Icy Packs are Single Use Only
  • Fast, effective first aid ice packs

Pack contains TWO Instant Icy Packs per box

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