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 Icy Packs Available!

ice packs available online

Hotty Packs are now joined by the Icy Pack range! A range of gel packs and instant ice packs – available from pharmacies, chirpractors and physiotherapists, and retailers Australia-wide!


Icy Packs have been developed to compliment the range of Hotty Packs, providing more choice for consumers to help treat back pain, headaches, muscle pain and more. The Icy Pack range consists of the Icy Gel Packs and the Instant Icy Pack. More information available here.


Icy Gel Packs

  • •  Icy Gel Packs are made with non-toxic gel, so perfect for school use and families
  • •  Reusable
  • •  When frozen, remain malleable (not rock hard)
  • •  Designed by health professionals

Instant Icy Packs

  • •  Designed for ‘take -anywhere’ ice pack use
  • •  Squeeze and shake for instant ice pack relief
  • •  Duo pack available for value

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Summer 2015

 Summer 5 tips

Okay, so it’s warming up. The sun’s out, which means surf, sun and play! Time to get out of the ‘Winter cave’, enjoy the sun, get exercising – and lose the ‘winter coat’. Right?

The beautiful Aussie summer means a great chance to enjoy summer sports, and get healthy. Just a word of warning – if you haven’t exercised at the same rate over winter, you may risk injuring yourself – which means less time enjoying the weather! With these simple, natural health tips – you can help avoid injuring yourself this summer.


1. Warm down & (especially) warm up!
Those eager to get ‘Summer Fit’ sometimes forget this oldie, but a goodie in our opinion. Warming up with some simple stretches and some gentle exercise (eg: skipping) allows your body time to adjust to your exercise regime. The blood vessels can start loading muscles with oxygen – the all-important fuel for maintaining pace. The warm down – or ‘rev-down’ allows your motor time to wind down, and readjust.
There’s a reason why you see elite athletes stretch up on the sidelines! Try this tip for yourself – and remind yourself each time you exercise this summer – and reap the reward.


HOTTY TIP: After warming up, try the gentler, less intense exercises first. The more ‘impact friendly’ exercises – like skipping, gentle body movement, and swimming – are all good choices. Allowing for at least 5 minutes of this type of exercise (or more if you like) will help reduce the frequency of summer-sports injuries.


2. Ease in then ramp up
Try to limit your exercise times initially to less than 45 minutes. This might seem a short time, but if you’ve been ‘hibernating’ over the winter period, your body will need time to ease into summer activities. A good tip during your initial ‘ease in’ period is to watch your diet (See point 4 too). Foods higher in protein and salts like magnesium are excellent to support healthy build of new muscle and tissue fibres. New muscle will be crucial to help you, as you ramp up your exercise times!


HOTTY TIP: The more intense the exercise (eg: Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, running) the higher the risk for injury. These sports in particular need an ‘ease in’ period.


3. Enjoy what you’re doing
We all want to stay committed to exercise. We all want to ‘be good’ at it too. The mental side of exercising is worth considering. So choose your sport carefully. It makes sense, that if you enjoy what you do, your technique will often be better – and good technique means less injury! And hopefully – by the end of summer – you’ll still be doing it (….and hopefully injury free!)
If you’re not sure what exercise you’ll enjoy, try these simple suggestions:
• Exercise with a trusted friend
• Learn a new sport…. rock climbing anyone?
• Change your scene. To the beach!!
• Put on some different tunes. Try some music from movies eg: Rocky


HOTTY TIP: More enjoyment may mean more happy hormones, like serotonin. And more serotonin might mean more enjoyment. That’s one happy ‘cycle’, that’s self propelling.


4. Take more care of what you put in
Premium fuel intake, usually means better engine wear. Another ‘car analogy’ (sorry!) but try these simple foodie tips and experience the difference!
• Hydrate – little sips of water before, during and after exercise will help replace the lost fluids form your intense sport. We all know this, but it’s surprising how many people don’t drink enough
• Try for little or no alcohol the night before sport
• Eat ‘whole foods’ rather than processed – whole foods are basically any food that hasn’t (or as little as possible) been put through machines. For example, beans, whole fruits and vegetables. The fuel from these foods really help fuel your activity
HOTTY TIP: Don’t go hard on the sport drink. They are no substitute (for the average exerciser at least) for good ‘ol water.


5. See a Health Professional
Before you begin to get that ‘summer body’ – it’s always worth chatting with a professional. Be it a doctor, pharmacist, nurse or physiotherapist (to name a few), these professionals can check your general condition with blood pressure readings, general health history or medication history. This way you can get moving with confidence. This tip is especially important as you get older!


So there’s our 5 top natural tips. Do you have any of your own? If you do – why not share them with us here. These tips won’t guarantee an injury-free summer, but they sure will help reduce the risk.
And remember, if you do happen to strain a muscle, or sprain a tendon – the Hotty Pack wheat pack will be here for you. Simply place it in the freezer for a simple ice pack, then use it as a heat pack as part of your rehab. (More on the use of our wheat pack as an ice pack in our upcoming Hotty Healthy articles…)


For now – happy exercising and enjoy summer!