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  • ALL NATURAL100% Specially Selected Australian Wheat
  • THERAPEUTICRelief of Muscular Pain and Joint Aches
  • EFFECTIVEPowerful Pain Relief
  • AVOID MEDICATIONSDrug-Free Relief of Period Pain
  • TGA APPROVEDDesigned by Health Care Professionals

Health Practitioners info

If you have patients presenting with acute or chronic muscular pain, spasm, arthritis (both rheumatoid and osteoarthritic) or menstrual pain – The Original Hotty Pack™ may be the correct recommendation. The following information will help you in your professional decision making, and help answer some of your questions in relation to wheat heat therapy.


Wheat Packs – The Benefits

The Original Hotty Pack is designed with 100% natural wheat. When polypharmacy is an issue, or if a complicated case is presented, you can be assured that The Hotty Pack has limited interactions! In addition, our wheat packs don’t come with a long list of side effects, like stomach upset, liver dysfunction, and nausea.


The unique design also conforms to difficult areas, like joints (the most common arthritic site), for better contact. This allows for more efficient ‘site-specific’ delivery of the radiating thermal heat from each wheat grain, and better anti-inflammatory pain relief.


How Wheat Packs Work

When The Hotty Pack is placed within a microwave and heated, each unique wheat grain’s water content heats up. The stored thermal energy is then slowly released to the patient’s inflamed body part. The released heat increases blood flow, reduces oedema and reduces muscle and joint stiffness.¹ It is thought that heat also can work on thermoreceptors to reduce pain, and heat shock proteins may also play a role.


Our wheat packs are designed for hours of sustained, low-level heat therapy to provide longer pain relief for your patients!


For acute pain, The Hotty Pack may also be placed in a plastic bag, and frozen in the freezer! The water content within each wheat grain equally efficiently provides cold therapy as part of the R.I.C.E. regime for acute inflammatory pain.


Flexible Indications

The Original Hotty Pack comes in several designs, providing flexible application to deliver heat therapy to all sites on the body. Our wheat bags can be recommended for a broad range of inflammatory conditions including:


  • • Back Pain
  • • Period Pain
  • • Neck Pain
  • • Arthritis
  • • Sports Injuries (especially for rehab)


With even more designs coming in the future – there will be even more solutions to help you best treat your patients!


For additional comment, query or suggestions please contact St Francis Pharmaceuticals.


What Our Stockists Say

We use the Hotty Pack in our clinic to treat, and also sell them to our patients to use at home. We've found they last really well, are great quality - and the patients really like their packaging.
Vicky Salakas - Chiropractor, November 19, 2013
We have found the Hotty Pack to present really well on shelf, with good packaging.. the Hotty Pack has out sold all other brands - in less time
Donette - Bunbury WA, October 10, 2010
Everybody loves them.. well presented and feel great! They are consistent sellers even during Summer which really surprised me
Robyn - Pharmacy Retail Manager, Kalamunda WA, June 12, 2010




¹ Merck Manual